Luke Gosselin, a third-generation welder raised in Vermont, is the chief fabricator and inspiration behind Local Metal. His dad was a boiler maker in Massachusetts, his granddad dealt in Airstream repairs and sales. With over fifteen years of full-time experience in custom metal fabrication, Luke brings his passion for quality craftsmanship and strong work ethic to every job.




Sarah Hill, with a background in photography, architecture, and office management, is the pencil pusher, emailer, co-designer, and drawer. As a small, family-run operation, we pride ourselves on great communication and straight dealing.





Dawn Ballantine, of Ballantine Books & Business Services, helps to keep us in the black.






Patterson, chief meower and biscuit maker, has been with the company since 2018 providing comfort and kitten-like antics to remind us what’s important (namely, she is).